Chapter 9: (Transcendence) Piecemeal truth and contradiction is the only way to contain the Darwinian acid.
41. (Reflexivity) Every person, even hardcore Darwinists, must reject some aspect of this book, drawing the line at some place in the name of truth.
42. (History) Genealogies like this are meant to vindicate, usefully frame or subvert our view of the present, depending on what our interests are.
43. (Metaphysics) Evolution may be causally indifferent to transcendent ideals, but it is not at indifferent to people endorsing and doubting such ideals amongst themselves.
44. (Wisdom) The widespread ideals from which people argue against evolution are adaptive success stories, while pragmatism is not.
45. (Piecemeal) The only defensible position on evolution is that advocated by the theory itself: piecemeal acceptance and doubt.


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