Chapter 2: (Minds) Replication is a pre-condition for the ascription of purposes (costs and benefits) and minds (beliefs and desires) to evolved agents.
6. (Replication) Replication is not the purpose of all design; it is the precondition for all design.
7. (Rationality) In the struggle for the benefits of replication against the costs of entropy, a certain amount of rationality emerges.
8. (Intentionality) These rational replicators can be ascribed purposes, beliefs, desires and minds.
9. (Reductionism) Patterns not only track obstacles and resources as dictated by their own interests, but also track the trackings and interests of friends, foes and – importantly – themselves.
10. (Master/Slave) Subjectivity/Objectivity, Ends/Means, Intentional/Design, Memes/Me.


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