Welcome to the The Darwinian Acid: A Genealogy of Faith, Reason and Critique.  This blog is meant to be the beginning phase of what will eventually become a book that will summarize my own philosophical positions.

Given that this project is aimed specifically at becoming a book, it will be organized slightly differently than other philosophy blogs.  Rather than simply publishing an open-ended and chronological stream of posts that are dedicated to whatever happens to be on my mind at any given time, this blog will instead be organized into 9 pre-determined chapters within which each post will become a section, sub-section, etc.  While the title of these chapters may evolve over time, their subject matter will be relatively fixed:

  1. Creation
  2. Minds
  3. Values
  4. Signals
  5. Justification
  6. Truth
  7. Politics
  8. Scholars
  9. Transcendence

This way of structuring the blog entails other differences from the typical philosophy blog.  Given that the thematic content will take priority over chronological publication, I will frequently update and revise prior posts – drafts would be a better word for them – rather than write some kind of a follow-up post.  As such, many of my revisions will come in direct response to the comments that I receive and many of my responses to comments will come in the form of revisions rather than a follow-up comment.  It is important to note, then, that many of the comments to any given post will thus refer to content or presentation that no longer appears in the post to which it is directed.  This will likely appear to be more than somewhat dishonest were it not for this important disclosure.  In must be kept in mind, then, that I take comments as being just that: comments meant as feedback rather than as replies within a debate.  To be sure, I most definitely intend to fully address the comments with the attention and respect that they deserve… It just might not seem that way at times.

That said, I wish you a very warm welcome to my project and I greatly look forward to your comments!


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